When talking about the fence installation and repair around your residential or commercial property, some DIY enthusiasts find that this kind of project can end up more than what they bargained for. Luckily, with some knowledge about fencing as well as few tips from professional fence installation and repair service providers, you can definitely have a functional and beautiful fence around your commercial or residential property in no time at all. Below, you will be able to learn some answers on the most common questions about fence installation to assist you with your fence installation or repair project. 

What Material Should You Use? 

By far, this is considered as the most commonly asked question from the professional fence installation service providers such as fence installation Miami. And the answer to this is merely – it depends. If you’re installing fence system around your pool area or in a certain place which already has poured concrete pad or if you already know what certain budget you have for your fencing system, then you will be directed to a decision basing on these circumstances.  

On the other hand, wood might be one of your beautiful options but it requires maintenance more often compared to other fencing materials. Aside from that, decorative fencing using metal materials is also beautiful but the downside of this is that it might not keep your pets where they belong. Basing on the law, fences of swimming pools should be made of specific materials as well as installed in a certain way in order to be compliant to your state’s laws. In addition to that, the material you select will heavily depend on the area where you want to install your fencing system.  

The major purpose of the fence in your property plus how much money and time you’re willing to spend for this kind of project and in the long term as we should be maintenance-wise, plays a great role in terms of choosing the right material for your commercial or residential fence. If you want to come up with the best decision for your property, it’s also highly advised that you ask help from qualified professional and expert fence installation and repair service providers in your area. 

What Would I Do if My Fence is Leaning? 

Leaning fences is also one of the most common issues people face during the installation process and the main reason of this problem is mostly the setting fence posts that are not buried deep enough. Usually, post holes have to be dug deep at least 2 feet down the ground and it should be set in cement or concrete before proceeding to the installation process of the fence. This is considered as the best way in order to make sure that your fencing system will not lean or sage the moment you start to attach panels chain link. The moment you’re installing the fence of your property into a concrete pad that already exists, you’ll have to use some metal post brackets that are secured with screws in order to have your fence posts attached to the concrete. 


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