The summer and spring seasons are the time when people start to think of installing fences on their residential or commercial property. Most people do not totally realize is that it can easily cause issues with the neighborhood where you were friendly with, prior to deciding to put up a privacy fence or chain link fence. The biggest problem often comes when you simply choose an area in your property and have fencing systems installed there right away. With that in mind, you can read on below so you know some fencing etiquette tips which you may want to follow in order to be more considerable with your neighborhood. 

Always Remember that Boundaries Matter a Lot 

One of the biggest problems happens the moment your neighbor thinks that you’ve put your fencing system up on their own residential property. The most important thing you should do is for you to have a professional company that surveys your property. They will be the one to figure out where your residential property ends a well as where your neighbor’s property begins. If you do not hire a surveyor and your fencing system is installed on the one side of your neighbor’s yard, the truth is that they can be able to sue you and have it legally moved. 

Always Check the Rules of HOA 

Aside from boundary issues, one big issue that you can also possibly run into is breaking the rules of HOA. This is the reason why it’s very important that you always check your local HOA rules to find out if they have certain rules that pertains to installing fencing systems. Sometimes, other HOA have rules about what certain type of fence you should build, how high it can be, and some other HOAs do not allow fencing systems at all. Having said that, it’s very important that you check with your local HOA first regarding with the installation of your fence before you spend lots of money for the project.  

These are only some of the fencing etiquette tips which you may want to follow prior to having your fence installed in your residential or commercial property. For more information about fencing installation, it’s best that you ask help from qualified fence installation service providers.  

 Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the Most Ideal Time to Install a Residential Fence? 

Usually, the best time to install your fencing system is during the off-season since the ground is not frozen. A lot of homeowners think of their fence needs during summer or spring, which is why the most ideal time to get the attention from your preferred fence installation service providers would be during other months aside from summer and spring. 

Do You Need to Contact HOA Before Installing Your New Fence? 

The answer is yes but you should be sure to check the HOA rules first as they may have certain rules when it comes to fencing installation. For more information, you can also contact professional fence companies Fort Wayne. 


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